Blue hair is one of those things hair chalk was made for. It’s expensive, often damaging and quick to fade when done in a salon – plus it’s a hell of a quirky shade to commit to. But, with hair chalk, you can experiment to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that it will wash right out. Read our FAQ for the basics, then get playing!


Let’s start with something really colourful. Peacock hair is one of those looks that takes a while to put together, but the end result can be absolutely stunning. Dark blues are the tones of this hair trend, along with purples and even emerald greens. You can allow all the colours to be immediately visible with an ombre or thick streak style, or get technical and indulge in some hidden colours – flashes of green and purple under a layer of navy will look good.

Blue Hair Trends - Peacock HairA hair chalk set is a good idea if you’re trying to create a multi-tonal look. If you want to create very fine streaks, you might also consider a hair chalk pen.


Mermaid hair is still very much on trend as we look towards spring. It’s perhaps the girliest of all the blue hair trends, which will work magically with spring dresses and floral. Mermaid hair is defined by its aqua-looking gradient, shifting in and out of shades of blue, green and turquoise. It works best with long, wavy or curly hair, but the colour schemes can be tried out on shorter hair with fun results.

blue Hair - Hair Chalk Combs The mermaid look is at its best with a slight shimmer, which is why we’ve been experimenting with the hair chalk combs. They’ve got more of a metallic, slightly waxy finish than most hair chalk products, and we’ve found that they work marvellously when used in mermaid hair!


Block blue is a brave look which, if done well, can be stunning. It can range from pastel to cobalt to navy – depending on what you’re going for. A pastel look can be girly with long locks; bright blue works brilliantly with punkish hairstyles; and a sleek navy bob is surprisingly low-key and elegant. Hair chalk tongs are the easiest tool to use if you’re colouring large sections – or all – of your hair one colour.

The fun thing about doing this with hair chalk is that, if you think your block style looks a bit flat, you can very easily add highlights and lowlights (this set coming in handy again).


Denim hair is possibly the most versatile of the blue hair trends, as it varies in tone dramatically. It can be done subtly, along with some light greys – “faded denim” – or made more vivid with navies or brighter blues. On top of that, denim is well known for going with anything. So unlike some bright hair trends, there’s very little worrying about finding an outfit that won’t clash.

Denim Hair

This is not what most people think of when they’re considering blue hair. It’s an understated, elegant and sultry look that is deceptively easy to pull off, and suitable for even the darkest of hair colours. Roots should be coloured black, and dark blue applied in a gradient towards the tips (apply multiple colour layers for a dark shade and consider switching to a lighter blue chalk near the end). This look is fabulous if you want to wow at an evening event, or if you want to try out a gothic makeup look.